once upon a night...

...in Bordeaux! Sunday evening, after a rainy day, clear and fresh air - oh gosh - I am gonna miss you!


Sunday Road Trip

What a lovely Sunday - and what's best to do? Go on a spontaneous road trip! Where? Dune du Pilat and Arcachon with your lovely friends - sun is ordered, spring is in the air - perfect! vai vai vai!!!


Baby #2

AD because branding - Welcome to my world! Be another fayvorite!!!=)


All you need is...


And I fell in love with these precious things, lighting up my day today, when I found a store here in Bordeaux selling these babies =) and the webpage has an online-shop.....the only thing missing, some extra cash - any sponsors??

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In vino veritas

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14 Cours de l'Intendance
33000 Bordeaux 

Bordeaux I love you

especially with 19 degrees in February!!!!!