once upon a night...

...in Bordeaux! Sunday evening, after a rainy day, clear and fresh air - oh gosh - I am gonna miss you!


Sunday Road Trip

What a lovely Sunday - and what's best to do? Go on a spontaneous road trip! Where? Dune du Pilat and Arcachon with your lovely friends - sun is ordered, spring is in the air - perfect! vai vai vai!!!


Baby #2

AD because branding - Welcome to my world! Be another fayvorite!!!=)


All you need is...


And I fell in love with these precious things, lighting up my day today, when I found a store here in Bordeaux selling these babies =) and the webpage has an online-shop.....the only thing missing, some extra cash - any sponsors??

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In vino veritas

AD because branding - http://maxbordeaux.com/
14 Cours de l'Intendance
33000 Bordeaux 

Bordeaux I love you

especially with 19 degrees in February!!!!!


Five Senses

And what about you?


Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year to ya all! Lets welcome an awesome year, everything is possible, tons of opportunities, love and fun!